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Scabal luxurious suiting fabric is prestigious for its Super 180's worsted wool and silk, exceptionally fine and lightweight. Its fabric is an excellent choice for special occasion wear, as it feels decadently soft against the skin and shines elegantly in the light. It is designed and produced in England for those gentlemen who value quality, style and splendor.

  • Place of origin Britain
  • YARN 100-140s
  • weight 240-360g
  • composition 100% Merino wool
  • price $1269-$2099 (For 2-piece suits)


Zegna supplies high quality cashmere, silk and linen blends, as well as luxury vicuna. It uses the world’s finest Australian wool to produce Trofeo, 15milmil15, Electa and Traveller collections, ideal for men’s wardrobe. It is the "soft gold" wool that won the gold medal in the Australian wool competition.

  • Place of origin Italy
  • YARN 120s/130s/170s
  • weight 235-295g
  • composition 100% Merino wool
  • price $1269-$1969 (For 2-piece suits)
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VBC is specializing in imitating super 110's-140’s for the high-grade apparel. As the global fabric supplier, it covers more than 90% market share in the business formal wear sector. It is famous for its classic and solemn design style around the world. Many famous international politicians choose VBC as the formal suits at important occasions.

  • Place of origin Italy
  • YARN 110-150s
  • weight 250-290g
  • composition 100% Merino wool
  • price $699-$1039 (For 2-piece suits)


Loro Piana focuses the design on cashmere, who supplies fabrics to Armani and other famous brands. Vicuna wool is its another best-known fabric which is the thinnest and lightest fiber of all wool with a smooth feel, an average diameter of 12 to 13 microns, and thermostatic properties.

  • Place of origin Italy
  • YARN 130-150s
  • weight 250-260g
  • composition 100% Merino wool
  • price $1269 (For 2-piece suits)
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The essence of Stylbiella lies in the selection of SUPER 110’s-130's high-quality 100% Merino wool so as to create all the characteristics of superior suit fabrics, such as glossy nature, smooth handle and drape. It also extends the category to coat fabrics, shirt fabrics and neckties to satisfy customers' needs and ultimately creates Stylbiella's perfect interpretation of fashion and refinement.

  • Place of origin Italy
  • YARN 100-130s (Suit) 60-120s (Shirt)
  • weight 200-340g (Suit) 105-240g (Shirt)
  • composition 100% Merino wool (Suit) 100% Cotton (Shirt)
  • price $619-$1039 (For 2-piece suits) $139-$229 (Shirt)


Infinitely machine washable.
Soft and breathable.
Easy care & technologically advanced.
A specially designed washing bag included for each suit. Saving the time and energy for dry cleaning

  • Place of origin China
  • YARN 110-130s
  • weight 200-280g
  • composition 50-70% Wool
  • price $359-$429 (For 2-piece suits)